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Name Store is a leader in domain name sales and brokerage services managing millions of domain names for clients worldwide. Discount domain registrations, web hosting, premium domain names from our corporate portfolio for sale and global domain brokers.

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Url Collection is your business identity and domain name marketplace. Offering websites and domain names for sale, domain brokerage, discount domain name registration and web hosting, as well as domain recovery, brand protection and domain management worldwide.

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TopNames.com offers just that - the Top Domain Names available. Only the best of the best - "premium domain names" are offered for sale. Search from tens of thousands of the TOP business domain names available.

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Grand Brands is an international corporate branding and design group. A leader in "new media" development and start-ups. Specialists in brand, advertising and online business marketing services.

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CPi Sites is a publisher of online businesses and brands. Our corporate holdings include businesses in website publishing, brand development, business identity services, domain management, web services and tens of thousands of websites in our online advertising network. For over 20 years, our group has been an interactive publishing company, developing online properties and brands.

Our vertical internet media company has a number of new developments in the works and will continue to roll-out more "Grand Brands"