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About Us

CPi Sites is an online media company of Construction Publications, Inc. After 40 years in print and broadcast media publishing we began producing websites in 1994. At the time, we published market leading, international trade magazines and newspapers. Our team produced one of the first websites in the world for the construction industry. This became the first of many commercial websites we published over the next 20 years.

From our early start online, we realized that the internet was a domain name based system and the BEST domain name, with the BEST keywords would be the most sought after in their respective industries. Thus, we started adding to our domain name holdings, websites and brands and have never stopped. Today many of our websites are Grand Brands serving customers and visitors around the world and are leaders in their respective industries served.

Our corporate holdings include businesses in news, search, advertising, website publishing, brand development, premium domain names, business identity services as well as tens of thousands of global websites that encompass our, online advertising network. We continue to brand-out and publish websites and online businesses and our company has become a "market maker" in many industries along the way. Our current management team consists of our same President & CEO that started back with that first website in 1994. We have many new online business in the start-up and development stage. All of these businesses and brands were developed by our design group - GrandBrands.com

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